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The Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar is dedicated to the notion that in Berkeley every day is an arts festival. With the first month-long Arts Festival in 1997, we initiated this web site and realized that it could fill a need for information about the activities of all the Berkeley arts organizations year-round. So we expanded it and kept it going, as a guide for the arts-loving people of Berkeley and in appreciation of the City's continued support.

The Berkeley Arts Festival presents

We again have a home for the Berkeley Arts Festival this year, 2133 University Avenue right next to Ace Hardware. We have scheduled concerts with some of the most creative people in Berkeley--the musicians, composers and writers who bring vibrant talents for all to hear and see. So come along with us on an exciting journey into their domains.
Suggested donation $10-$20 unless otherwise noted. Check for changes on our website:

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

Dana Reason Project

8 pm
Dana Reason, solo piano

Dana Reason will first present new compositions from her most recent unreleased recording. Pieces include: My Hands are Tied; Beethoven's Broken Tooth (a 10 minute meditation on Beethoven's Opus 53); Black is the Color (a re-imagining of the folk tune by Luciano Berio- Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair) and Yes/Oui-Non/No, Peut-etre, as well as others.

9 pm
Dana Reason - piano
Phillip Greenlief - saxophones
Lisa Mezzacappa - bass

Dana Reason is a Canadian-born pianist, composer/improviser and researcher.

Reason was part of The Space Between trio with Pauline Oliveros. She has performed with Fred Frith, George Lewis, Vinny Golia, Cecil Taylor, Mark Dresser and Joelle Leandre, and is documented on 12 recordings.

Her research on women improvisers and composers "The Myth of Absence" can be found at Wesleyan University Press and Columbia Jazz-Studies On-line. Reason holds a B.Mus (McGill University); MA in Composition (Mills College); and Ph.D in Critical Studies/Experimental Practices, UC San Diego. She is the director of CIAPR (Center of Improvised Arts, Performance and Research) in Prague and Popular Music Studies at Oregon State University. Her music can be heard at

8pm to 10:30pm, 2133 University Avenue

Thursday, April 24th 2014

Multimedia Orchestra

An evening of light, motion, music, technology, innovation, and dance. In addition to interactive installations, live performances, and a jam room, by the Multimedia Orchestra @Berkeley, the event will also feature original art made by students of the UC Berkeley Art & Science DeCal and the Synesthesia Association at Berkeley. All are welcome to join us in exploring the intersection of live performance, technology, science, and art. Bring your curiosity and creativity! Light refreshments will be served.

Live performances will include:
Hand-Built Instruments and Piano, with Derek Razo and Jaren Feeley
Touch-Sensitive Sound Screen, with Taurin Barrera
Laser Harp and Cello, with Eugene Lynch
Original Compositions, with the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Composers Club

Please print or bring an electronic copy of your ticket to show at the door.
Contact: | ADA Accessible | ASUC Sponsored

6pm to 10pm, 2133 University Avenue

Friday, April 25th 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Saturday, April 26th 2014

Arnie Passman Epic Poetry, Ballads & Haikus

At 8:15 language lover lifer activist-organizer Arnie Passman will read his Climbing Whateverest epic poetry, ballads and haikus at the Berkeley Arts Festival (two blocks from Berkeley BART, and on bus lines, F, 1, 7,12, 18, 51A, 52, 65, 67, 88)
A benefit for Peace for Keeps, maybe to help buy a geiger counter for the Fukushima protest the 11th of every month at the San Francisco Japanese consulate.
Reading from his collection, Climbing Whateverest, the first half of the evening will be Planetary Psychiatry: The Diplomacy of the Winds, The Damned of Enchantment, about the greatest U.S. nuclear accident (not Three Mile island), and Susanoo Sotegai, Somewhat Short Term Myth Time Tsunami Explanation plus haikus. The second half will be the 42 verse Occupy Your Nearest Country Club. An open mike will follow.
Besides being a poet, Passman is a historian, essayist, humorist, mythlorist and songwriter. His latest published book is The Death and Birth of the Dollar, about the bi-polar beginning definitions of the dollar, with artist Art Hazelwood. Passman will also elaborate on an anthology of 50 writers of 2 poems, a brace, each 50 words or less on the 50 cruelest backlashes and writers' favorite greater good of the past 50 years for this fall's Free Speech Movement Golden Jubilee.

For further information,, (510)845-5481
Donations are $5-20.

8pm to 11pm, 2133 University Avenue

Sunday, April 27th 2014

Adams Hanes Iova-Koga 3; Golia Stackpole duo -

8 pm John Hanes/ Steve Adams with special guest Shinichi Iova-Koga

Steve Adams - electronics
John Hanes - electronics
Shinchi iova-Koga - dance

Adams and Hanes welcome the remarkable improvised dance of Shinichi to their world of musical explorations. If you saw Shinichi's recent collaborations with Rova on the Eureka Ferry or with Steve at the CJM, you'll know this is an event not to be missed.

9 pm
Vinny Golia - woodwinds
Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion

Vinny and Karen revive their memorable duo for the first time in many years. This is a rare opportunity to hear their unique and beautiful sonorities.

8pm to 10:30pm, 2133 University Avenue,

Wednesday, April 30th 2014

Chris Broderick Farewell Concert

Chris Broderick Farewell Concert

Chris Broderick - reeds
Ralph Carney - reeds
Josh Pollack - guitar, ukelele
Moe! Staiano - percussion

As a way of saying farewell to the Bay Area after living here his whole life, horn player Chris Broderick has gathered together a set of diversely talented musicians who have been both friends and inspirations throughout his musical career. Horn player Ralph Carney, percussionist Moe Staiano, and string player Josh Pollock will join Chris for an evening of solos, duos, and ensembles that will celebrate the adventurousness and multiplicity of the local music community, as these musicians have, individually and in collaboration, made pop, rock, prog, jazz, noise, and music for theater.

8pm to 10:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Friday, May 2nd 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Living By The Moon: Opening May 2 @ 6pm

Living By The Moon:
New works by Helen Butler & James Randell
Helen Butler and James Randell are student artists from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. They present work made whilst studying abroad at UC Berkeley for the 2013-14 session, including painting, collage, print, photography and installation.

6pm to 8pm, 2133 University Avenue

Saturday, May 3rd 2014

Santomieri-Farhadian Duo and The Atchleys.

The Santomieri-Farhadian Duo will present their fierce brand of almost completely and unapologetically analog (we are amplified), structured improvisatory avant-garde chamber music (violin & guitar) in this double-duo+one concert with The Atchleys, performing with video artist Bill Thibault.

8PM The Atchleys + Bill Thibault
The Atchleys & Bill Thibault celebrate 2014 spring clean with lean, minimal electronic sound and dazzling, procedurally-driven, computer generated video. The atchleys' sound: stripped-down beats, electronics, vocals, field recs, noise; a melange of whatever we're dreaming about listening to and inspired by in the 30hz-10Khz range: melody when necessary, harmony if forced.

Bill Thibault's sight: abstract, algorithmic, thoroughly entrancing live video: vivid color image formations pulse modulate evoke razor edge psychic crossbeams and girders of vast architectural and swirling nano-alliance washes mission statement: keeping it as digital as possible, if only robots would carry our gear.

9PM Santomieri-Farhadian Duo
S-F Duo:

8pm to 10pm, 2133 University

Sunday, May 4th 2014

homler, vlatkovich, walton 3 - brown, shelton, glenn 3

8 pm
Anna Homler - voice, objects, electronics
Michael Vlatkovich - trombone
Scott Walton - bass

9 pm
Chris Brown - piano, electronics
Aram Shelton - saxophone
Jordan Glenn - drums

8pm to 10:30pm, 2133 University

Friday, May 9th 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Saturday, May 10th 2014

Recital: Richard Mix, bass and Allan Crossman, piano

An Afternoon of Song

Richard Mix (bass) and Allan Crossman (piano) present
Lorca settings by Crossman,
Rautavaara's first Rilke cycle, the 5 Sonette an Orpheus,
Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer),
and a bouquet of whimsical and grave melodies by Poulenc.

3pm to 5pm, 2133 University Avenue

Thursday, May 15th 2014

Jed Distler piano

New York City pianist Distler in a rare visit to the Bay Area.

8pm to 9:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Friday, May 16th 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Saturday, May 17th 2014

2 sets/2 genres = The Jim Ryan Trio & Green Alembic

Triangle & Green Alembic

Triangle is Jim Ryan sax & flute, Jason Hoopes bass, & Mark Pino drums.

Green Alembic is a six to eight piece improvisational chamber group consisting of accomplished musicians who perform to projected images and spoken word. The instrumentalists are: Cristina Stanley violin, Doug Carroll cello, Jason Hoopes contra bass, Joe Lasqo piano, Michael Cooke bassoon & sheng (Chinese free reed instrument), Jim Ryan flute, amplified kalimba, spoken word, & original graphic art, Jeff Hobbs violin, alto clarinet & cornet, Ron Heglin trombone & voice. The art and spoken word pieces are original works. The music is inspired by the images which are projected throughout the performance and by the spontaneous interactions amongst the musicians. The group's aesthetic is focused on the immediate creation of musical ideas, clear articulation, and sensitivity to the unfolding sonic and visual environment.

8pm to 10pm, 2133 University

Thursday, May 22nd 2014

duoB. - Green Mitchell

duo B.
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass
Jason Levis, drums

duo B., the improvising and composing ensemble of Berlin-based percussionist Jason Levis and Bay Area bassist Lisa Mezzacappa, has been experimenting with the gloriously vulnerable duo format for ten years. Levis and Mezzacappa play graphic scores, music for experimental films, and original compositions and structured improvisations that explore gesture, texture, tunefulness and propulsive momentum.
Listen here:

"...mysterious, complexly textured improvisations that sometimes take shape as the aural equivalent of abstract expressionist paintings, whether the ethereal, mystical canvasses of Mark Rothko or the jittery, splatter techniques of Jackson Pollock." - Derk Richardson, KPFA radio host and music critic

Green Mitchell Trio
Cory Wright, tenor sax and clarinet
Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass
Jason Levis, drums

Reeds player Cory Wright assembled the bay area based Green Mitchell Trio with bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and drummer Jason Levis in order to realize a growing collection of music he has been writing for this instrumental configuration. The group is a kinetic, versatile unit that can climb through compositional complexities, swing from the outer limbs of jazz, and plummet into the groundlessness of spontaneous soundspace... and the possibility of hopping on a passing groove is never out of the question.
Listen Here:

8pm to 10:30pm, Berkeley Arts - 2133 University Avenue, between Shattuck & Oxford

Friday, May 23rd 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Saturday, May 24th 2014

Trinity Alps Chamber Players

RED RIVER by Mason Bates (violin, clarinet, cello, piano, electronics) 2007
HAMMERED by Alden Jenks (piano and laptop) 2014
CONTRASTS by Bela Bartok (clarinet, violin, piano) 1938
OH IT'S YOU by Alden Jenks (singer/actress and laptop) 2014

8pm to 10pm, 2133 University

Monday, May 26th 2014

Bob Marsh's Seventieth Birthday Extravaganza

A Music in Motion Event
A Cloud of Violins
A Surfeit of Saxophones
A Chorus of Angeles
A Crowd of Dancers
A Clump of Drummers
A Bevy of Brass
An Ascension of Accordions

8pm to 10pm, 2133 University

Wednesday, May 28th 2014

8 pm Zachary James Watkins solo 9pm Perkis/Schoz 2

8 pm
Zachary James Watkins solo

I am an improvising musician investigating resonance. I utilize feedback systems and negotiate the fragile relationships inherent in them. My improvisations are a real time exercise in tuning by ear and being attentive to subtle energies. My approach to sound is ultimately interested in creating engaging and complex engaging acoustic experiences.

9 pm
Tim Perkis - electronics
Carter Scholz - piano

Improvisations: Tim Perkis (electronics), Carter Scholz (piano) duo. Carter will be working with sonorities available working inside and outside of the piano; Tim will be improvising on his electronic/computer based instrument. Carter is a composer, performer and novelist whose compositions and CDs are published by Frog Peak Music; his novel Radiance is published by Picador. Tim's musical work with various ensembles is available on several labels including Artifact, Sonore, New World and EMANEM.

8pm to 10:30pm, Berkeley Arts - 2133 University Avenue, between Shattuck & Oxford

Friday, May 30th 2014

Jerry Kuderna Lunch Concert

Pianist Jerry Kuderna plays from classics to the newest compositions.

12 noon to 1:30pm, 2133 University Ave.

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Bridge of Crows - Earth Blind

8 pm
Bridge of Crows (w/ special guest Jim Ryan) -

The Bridge Of Crows ensemble project exists at the intersection of roots/folk/blues and Electroacoustic Improvisation. The ensemble takes a compositional approach to improvised sound constructs infusing generative, chaos theoretic structures with visceral and directly emotive elements of jazz and indigenous folk musics.

The ensemble consists of core members of the collective improv group Cartoon Justice: Kersti Abrams (alto saxophone,rhaita,flute), Greg Baker (Bb clarinet,laptop,percussion), Mika Pontecorvo (flute,guitars,laptop electronics,percussion), Elijah Pontecorvo (electric basses,theremin), with longtime associates Adriane Pontecorvo (cello), Mariko Miyakawa (cello, voice, electronics.) This core is augmented members of the local experimental music community. For this performance we will be working with special guest Jim Ryan playing electric mbira, flute, and recitation.

8:45 pm
Earth Blind -

Earth Blind is an electro-acoustic trio dedicated to the generation of superterrestrial mindscapes via Saxophone (Nick Obando), Keyboard (Michael Dale), and Drums (Aaron Levin). Their sound can be described as Spiritual Space Fusion. Drawing from the traditions of classic Free and Spiritual Jazz along with more modern forms of Electronic, Rock, and Experimental music, they are as likely to be found in a locked groove as a full force Jazz freak-out or abstract ambient texture. Their energetic and often hypnotic improvisations have garnered comparisons to Electric Miles on a particularly strange day.

9:30 pm
TBD (an ensemble with Joshua Marshall)

8pm to 10pm, Berkeley Arts - 2133 University Avenue, between Shattuck & Oxford

Today's Events - April 20

UnderCover Presents – Paul Simon’s Graceland

$26 advance / $31 door. 644-2020.

12 midnight to 8pm, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street

"Silly Sundays" Kids' Series: ASHEBA

$4 kids/$6 adults/babes in arms free . 525-5054.

3pm to 4:30pm, Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo

Ongoing Events

Mike's Out of Doors Sculpture Wall

Location: South side of Ashby Avenue between Pine Street and Elmwood Court.

Open: 10 am to 10 pm,  Monday through Saturday.

Mari Marks Paintings Waxing Poetic: 20 years of Encaustic Painting

Artist's Statement

My encaustic paintings reflect my deep concern with the fabric of our lives and our engagement with the environment. In 1992 I first painted with hot beeswax and pigment, my first encaustic paintings. Initially I found the textural qualities and color of encaustic painting the perfect medium for expressing feelings of loss and human engagement. Each day I asked myself “What If?” as I investigated what this new medium invited. As I worked with beeswax, pigment and natural materials my paintings increasingly reflected my personal intimate relationship with nature, the peace and healing I find in the natural world, its rhythms and cycles.

This exhibition includes work from each group of paintings done in the last 20 years 1992-2012. inclu They reflect my patient engagement with materials as I create a whole from the accumulation of repeated acts. My recent paintings are a meditation on the rhythms and music in nature, creating an experience of peace and healing.

Ms. Marks is represented by Vessel Gallery in Oakland.

Living By The Moon:

New works by Helen Butler & James Randell


Helen Butler and James Randell are student artists from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. They present work made whilst studying abroad at UC Berkeley for the 2013-14 session, including painting, collage, print, photography and installation.


Helen Butler’s practice concerns processes of editing, abstracting and re-contextualizing. She uses found and original imagery, unnoticed details cut and collaged whilst working quickly and intuitively, embracing accident and coincidence. Elements of painting and material manipulation occur on small surfaces, the process intimate and ephemeral. Butler also uses songs and written material, translating their visual environments into concrete images.


James Randell has been looking at narrative and the modern mythic figure – especially the case of fugitive aristocrat and murderer Lord Lucan, a story that has lingered in the public imagination and the tabloid press in the UK since 1974. Randell tries to extend this myth by blurring and obscuring with the mark in oil paint or printmaking. Making anagrams of key details in the case for text works, he sets up fake clues or thoughts that extend into pseudo-poems.


‘Living By The Moon’ is a two-person show that tries to establish conversation between the artists' processes. The title references the artists’ experience of living abroad, and being rooted whilst studying – half at home, often nocturnal when creating, in most exciting discussion beneath the moon.

Berkeley Arts Festival, 2133 University Avenue

May 2 – June 12, 2014

The African Roots of Jazz:  The Art of Charles Curtis Blackwell

Charles Curtis Blackwell is a poet, playwright, and performance and visual artist.  After an accident at the age of 19, Blackwell lost his vision but not his passion for the cultural arts.  He states “The role of art in my life is useful in helping me cope, exist and flourish in the society in which I live.” Blackwell uses his partial blindness as an asset in his painting “incorporating jagged lines, brutal strokes, sloshing colors and serendipity” to point him on the path towards originality.

Blackwell’s exhibition at the Berkeley Public Library features colorful abstract paintings that capture the moods and movement of musicians and the essence of live jazz performances.  These images are juxtaposed with Blackwell’s other inspiration in the rituals and masks of Africa.

Blackwell’s artwork has been exhibited across the country.  In 2009 he was one of three featured artists at Lighthouse for the Blind’s 20th anniversary Insights exhibit in San Francisco. The show included over 20 of his works on paper and the event and Blackwell’s artwork were featured in The New York Times.  In 2010 his personal story was the subject of the short film A Different Color Blue for the series POV on PBS.

His published poetry includes Rise with the Sinners and The Fiery Response to Love’s Callings, among other works.  He has also produced three spoken-word CDs in collaboration with jazz drummer Billy Toliver.

The exhibition will be on display in the Catalog Lobby on the first floor and the Art & Music Department on the fifth floor of the Central Library, 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck, downtown Berkeley.

Through April 20

The Central Library is open Monday, noon-8 p.m., Tuesday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Sunday afternoons from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Barbara Chase-Riboud: The Malcolm X Steles

For nearly fifty years, Barbara Chase-Riboud has created elegant and powerful sculptures and drawings in which materials, forms, and cultural references unite in a continuous interplay of bold physicality and metaphoric associations. While her first acclaim came as an artist, Chase-Riboud is also an award-winning poet and writer, best known for her 1979 historical novel, Sally Hemings.

Chase-Riboud was born in Philadelphia and trained in art and architecture at Tyler School of Art at Temple University, the American Academy in Rome, and Yale University. After receiving her M.F.A. from Yale, she moved to Paris, where she quickly garnered attention for her abstract, surrealist figural sculptures and drawings. In 1969 Chase-Riboud began her groundbreaking series of Malcolm X sculptures, in which she combines undulating cast bronze forms with knotted and braided fiber elements. The imposing sculptures, named in memory of the assassinated civil rights leader, set material and thematic opposites into dynamic interaction— bronze and silk; fixed and flowing; hard and soft; brash and hushed; monumental and

Berkeley Art Museum, 2626 Bancroft Way

through April 27

See All About It, Vivian Maier’s, Newspaper Portraits

She photographed newspapers. At newsstands, on the street, tucked under an arm, delivered on a bike, or scattered in the wind. Done in a day. That’s the phrase journalists use to describe how they work. But newspapers, too, are done in a day—from the printing press to the garbage can—and that’s what Vivian Maier showed with her camera.

 U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Reva & David Logan Gallery of Documentary Photogrpahy

Center for Photography

Exhibition on view: March 3-May 1, 2014

(corner Hearst & Euclid, Berkeley)


Aurora Theatre Company presents the Bay Area Premiere of WITTENBERG, David Davalos’ audacious comedy about reason versus faith. Josh Costello directs this smarty-pants celebration of history, language, academia, and religion, featuring Dan Hiatt, Elizabeth Carter , Jeremy Kahn, and Michael Stevenson.

 It is October 1517 and the beginning of another fall semester at the University of Wittenberg finds certain members of the faculty and student body at personal and professional crossroads. Hamlet (senior, class of 1518), suffering from a sudden crisis of faith, has just returned from summer break with a revelation that threatens the very order of the universe. As the Prince who should be King laughably ping-pongs between the contrary advice of Martin Luther (Professor, theology) and Doctor John Faustus (Professor, philosophy), two of history’s most stubborn intellectuals go head-to-head in comic combat for the conflicted Dane’s allegiance. Will Faustus, the philosopher with a lust for life, win the confused young man’s mind, or can Luther, the cleric who ignited the Protestant Reformation, win his soul?

April 4 through May 4.

Aurora Theater  2081 Addison Street

Local Treasures: Bay Area Photography

Local Treasures is a bi-annual exhibition series that features artists who have made a significant impact on the development of artistic practice in the Bay Area. This year, the focus of Local Treasures is photography. The exhibition is curated by Anne Veh, and includes work by Linda Connor, Hiroyo Kaneko, Klea McKenna, J. John Priola, Unai San Martin and Richard Whittaker.

These artists have contributed to the strength of contemporary photography in the Bay Area by producing work that is fearless of constraints and explores image making through both traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Berkeley Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street

Wed-Sun 11 am to 5 pm through May 11, 2014

admission free

The Possible

Combining studio, school, library, gallery, and stage, The Possible is an experimental exhibition that privileges process and production and reconceives the museum as a site for creative convergence. For four months, over one hundred artists from a broad range of practices will come together to create work, exchange ideas, and lead workshops. Co-curators David Wilson and Lawrence Rinder hope to inspire a spirit of experimentation, improvisation, and play by creating a framework for artists to go deeper into familiar mediums and experience new practices. Works made onsite will filter into a specially designed shelving structure that will fill over the course of the exhibition. Every Sunday, the studios transform into classrooms in a series of Sunday workshops. Come and be a part of the process.

Berkeley Art Museum, 2626 Bancroft Way

through May 25, 2014

Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm

The Letters

Award-winning Bay Area auteur Mark Jackson returns to the company to direct this sixth addition to the season, the Professional Bay Area Premiere of John W. Lowell’s suspenseful psychological thriller THE LETTERS, featuring Beth Wilmurt  and Michael Ray Wisely Harry’s UpStage, located in the Nell and Jules Dashow Wing at the Aurora Theatre


A nimbly executed game of cat-and-mouse, THE LETTERS, dubbed “a duel of wits at the crossroads of art and politics” by the Los Angeles Times, and “a personal, Pinteresque dance of menace” by the Chicago Tribune, is a riveting two-person drama that lays bare a vivid slice of paranoid life under Stalin. Set in a 1930s Soviet era office, the director in a nameless government agency engages in an “interview” with one of his employees. Anna, a demur buttoned-down servant of the state, has no idea as to why she has been called into the office of her superior. She is wary and tight-lipped, as her job, the systematic practice of censorship and disinformation, has taught her to take nothing at face value. As she tries to figure out the reason for the meeting, details gradually begin to emerge and suspicions are directed towards her. The director seems to have a hidden agenda, or is it Anna who has an agenda of her own?

plays April 17 through May 25

Aurora Theater

2081 Addison Street

For tickets ($28, 32) and information the public can call (510) 843-4822 or visit

The Lexicon of Sustainability

An Exhibition in the Hazel Wolf Gallery

Can we meet our country's growing agricultural demands in a way that honors our earth? The David Brower Center explores the language of resilience in the winter 2014 exhibit, a multi-platform project featuring the work of Douglas Gayeton that uses photography, film, ethnography, and crowdsourcing techniques to uncover the terms and principles that characterize "sustainability," a popular term with a sometimes slippery definition. At a time when our country's commercial agriculture operation is causing major environmental degradation by polluting our waterways, contributing to deforestation, or poisoning wildlife with pesticides, a sustainable sea change in the industry is called for. This important exhibit sheds light on changemakers across the country who are reshaping our food culture and working to develop a healthier, safer, and more sustainable system nationwide.

David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way

February 6 - May 7 Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday • 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday • 10 am - 1 pm