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Big Dance Theater: 17c

Big Dance Theater, Cal Performances

For more than two decades, the Obie Award-winning Big Dance Theater has been making uncategorizable, galvanizing work that undermines genre boundaries. The company's latest effort is a portrait of Samuel Pepys, the outlandish 17th-century politician whose obsessive, tell-all diaries are a startling precursor to our own social media culture. The ensemble weaves music, dance, video, and text in an exploration-part celebration, part inquisition-of the moral murkiness of Pepys' legacy as statesman and notorious philanderer, juxtaposing his own writings with the radical feminism of his contemporary, the playwright Margaret Cavendish, and the cult of online annotators at

Dec 16, 3pm to 5pm, Zellerbach Playhouse

B3LLA Trio

Dec 16, 3pm to 5pm, Maybeck Studio, 1537 Euclid Ave, Berkeley

Cuban Rumba Jam

Free/Donations Encouraged
The Sunday Lounge Rumba has been going on at La Peña for the past 12 years and we want to see it continue. We highly encourage attendees to donate online to ensure that we keep this community event alive!
Folkloric Afro-Cuban Rhythm & Dance Every 1st & 3rd Sunday!
Come enjoy the Afro-Cuban folkloric drums, dances, and songs of rumba. Rumba is the word used for a group of related, community-oriented, music and dance styles in Cuba. Rumba developed in rural Cuba, with strong influences from African drumming and Spanish poetry and singing.

Dec 16, 3pm to 5pm, La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Third Sundays Youth Open Mic Night!

For details, link here:

Dec 16, 4pm to 6pm, The Starry Plough Pub - 3101 Shattuck Avenue - Berkeley, CA 94705

David Broza & Friends, Ali Paris, Trio Havana & Special Guests

David Broza & Friends

Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza is one of the most innovative superstars in the world with a 40+ year career spanning from blues to jazz, rock, country, folk and world music. Singing in Hebrew, Spanish, English, and Arabic, he brings together audiences of all cultures, bridging barriers of language through his music.

In this special summer of 2018 project, David is joined by the NY based Cuban "Trio Havana" led by flute virtuoso Itai Kris. Together they bring a unique interpretation to the full spectrum of Broza's rich repertoire of hits.

Trio Havana & Special Guests
Grammy Dubbed as "one of the most exciting new flutist-composers" on the scene, Itai Kriss seamlessly commands a variety of musical genres with an eclectic style infused with Jazz, Latin and Middle Eastern sounds.

Nominee Manuel Alejandro Carro, a.k.a. "MannyA," is a New York based Cuban artist of many talents: a singer, songwriter, and a master percussionist who is at home in many musical genres. From his Ballads to Latin songs, music aficionados are uniting Having spent the past 15 years working at the forefront of New
around his exceptional lyrics and tunes. York City's Jazz scene while performing, recording, and touring with some of the world's top afro- cuban, Latin and Salsa artists, flute virtuoso Itai Kriss now fuses the sounds of his native Israel with those of his adopted homelands in the Americas with his band TELAVANA.

In his debut album "Ser Grande Por Dentro," MannyA explores a series of reflections, or "inspiraciones," on universal themes of love, artistic passion, and the search for higher meaning. His debut created an awakening in the Latin pop world and firmly established him as a powerful presence. The world eagerly awaits the release of his upcoming EP.

Dec 16, 8pm to 9pm, The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Avenue, near Downtown Berkeley BART, Berkeley